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BestConnect is a mobile, rigid conveyor system which can form a full layout in any logistical application. Its strength of being reconfigurable gives the user the possibility to change the deployed layout into a more suitable configuration over time. As the logistical industry is in need of flexibility, the BestConnect product is a deployable asset that suits all sorts of material handling applications. Initially developed for one of our customers in E-commerce, this product can be used in many different market segments.

  • Mobile modular conveyors
  • Electrical connection : single phase 220V
  • Speed regulation : from 5 to 60 cm/sec
  • Standard widths : 600, 750 & 900mm
  • Adjustable height : heights to be agreed
  • Bright zinc plated rollers Ø 50mm
  • Standard rollerpitch : 75 & 100mm
  • Works in both directions
  • Reconfigurable layout

BestConnect EN_160407-1080p