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CASA unloads loose loaded trucks twice as fast

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

In the new distribution center at CASA International in Olen (Belgium), a telescopic boom conveyor from FMH Conveyors has been in use for several weeks. In cooperation with UVO Technologies, a combination of ergonomics and efficiency has been chosen. Thanks to the use of the BestReach telescopic boom equiped with a hydraulic tilt system and an operator platform, the incoming goods are now unloaded twice as fast as before.

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If Chantelle's approach to workplace health had to be described, it would have to be "exemplary". For several years, the French lingerie manufacturer and distributor has been implementing a programme to prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders on its logistics warehouses. To continue this approach, Chantelle has chosen to install a PowerFlex motorised flexible conveyor on its logistics platform in Villers-Bretonneux, Hauts-de-France.
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Every year, 20 million parcels pass through the Garancières-en-Beauce platform (Eure-et-Loir) of ITM LEMI, the non-food logistics subsidiary of Les Mousquetaires. From this 67,000 m2 site, ITM LEMI receives, stores and prepares orders for 18,000 DIY product references. The platform supplies 700 outlets of the Bricomarché, Bricorama and Brico Cash banners, and also provides cross-docking services for the group's other warehouses.
Walk around our BestReach telescopic boom conveyor thanks to this virtual tour.
Established in 2004, Allopneus.com is the leading online tyre retailer in France. The e-retailer manages around 1 million tyres in stock every day. As part of a global automation project, the pure-player was equipped with 5 BestReach telescopic conveyors. Its objective: automate truck loads to support its growth and significantly reduce the arduousness of its operators.
60 is the percentage of load port that has been reduced by the BUT house equipment specialist since the installation of three BestReach telescopic conveyors. Thanks to the nacelle of automated systems, mounted on hydraulic cylinders, operators significantly improve their working ergonomics by handling the unloading of packages at different heights of the truck. The rear of the conveyors is also equipped with a mat that has the advantage of stacking packages on pallets without having to wear them again. The pallets are thus better organized and the operators less tired.
Recently, 2 telescopic boom conveyors from FMH Conveyors have been installed at DHL in Beek (NL). The telescopic conveyors feed the sorter located at a higher level thanks to their specially developed belt transfer for this application. The operator platform at the front of the telescopic boom conveyors gives users the ability to process high-cube trailers with much diversified cargo much faster. As a result, the unloading time of the incoming trailers is extremely short. Within 45 minutes, the operators unload the whole high-cube trailer and take on another task in the distribution center.
Tarrerias Bonjean has recently introduced a telescopic belt conveyor from FMH Conveyors for faster, more efficient and more ergonomic handling of their incoming and outgoing flows of goods.
Thank you to all the visitors of our boot at Logistica 2015 for making this event of mid November successful.
The largest manufacturer of flour in the Paris region takes two traversing telescopic boom conveyors from BEST Conveyors (recently FMH Conveyors) into service. In cooperation with UVO Technologies telescopic boom conveyors with an articulated belt at the front were chosen. This 2 meter long articulated conveyor belt is provided in order to bring the to be loaded bags of flour, which each weigh 25 kg, onto an ergonomic shoulder height up to the operators who fill the trucks.
Manufacturer of telescopic boom conveyors BEST Conveyors changes its name to FMH Conveyors (Duravant Group). The name change comes after the strategic decision of the group to accommodate the entire product range and all business units in one common brand.
The Chevron site in Ghent found a successful solution to a common question: how can we improve the handling of empty barrels? Along with UVO Technologies, multiple systems were compared and the choice was made to procure a telescopic boom conveyor with at the front an articulated belt from BEST Conveyors.
DHL Parcel, in cooperation with Vanderlande, has taken into service 9 telescopic boom conveyors from BEST Conveyors in their Eindhoven DC. BEST Conveyors is distributed by UVO Technologies in the Benelux and France area. These devices, each equiped with a hydraulic tilt and man-rider platform for the operator, provide fast and ergonomic handling of the incoming and outgoing parcels.